David Gauthier Publications


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Why contractarianism?
In Contractarianism and Rational Choice: Essays on David Gauthier’s Morals by Agreement,ed. Peter Vallentyne (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1991)

Rational Constraint: Some Last Words.
In Contractarianism and Rational Choice: Essays on David Gauthier’s Morals by Agreement,ed. Peter Vallentyne (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1991)

Artificial Virtues and the Sensible Knave.
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Between Hobbes and Rawls.
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Uniting Seperate Persons.
In Rationality, Justice and the Social Contract: Themes from Morals by Agreement, ed. David Gauthier and Robert Sugden (Hertfordshire: Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1993), 176-193

Fairness and Cores: A Comment on Laden.
Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 22, No.1, Winter 1993

Assure and Threaten.
Ethics, 104, 690-721 (1994)

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Canadian Journal of Philosophy vol. 24, no. 3 (1994) 357-372.

Public Reason.
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In The Idea of Democracy, ed. David Copp, John E. Roemer, Jean Hampton
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Trust within Reason
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Volume 62, Issue 2, Pages 487-490 (2001)

Are We Moral Debtors?
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Volume 66, Issue 1, pages 162–168 (2003)

Tolerance and Mutual Advantage
XV Congresso Interamericano de Filosofia, Lima , Peru (2004)

Twenty-Five On
Ethics, Vol. 123, No. 4, Symposium: David Gauthier’s Morals by Agreement , pp. 601-624 (July 2013)

A Society of Individuals
Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review, Volume 55 – Issue 4 – , pp. 601-619 (December 2016)

Writings on David Gauthier


The New Social Contract: Essays on Gauthier
ed. E. F. Paul, F. D. Miller, Jr., and J. Paul Oxford, Blackwell, 1988.

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Symposium: David Gauthier’s Morals by Agreement
Ethics, Vol. 123, No. 4, July 2013

Special Topic: Gauthier’s Contractarian Project
Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review, Volume 55 – Issue 4 – December 2016, pp. 593-757


Eric Mack – Gauthier on Rights and Economic Rent (PDF)
Social Philosophy and Policy, Volume 9, Number 1, Winter 1992.

Review of David Gauthier’s ‘Morals by Agreement’
Eric Watt Forste, Extropy: The Journal of Transhumanist Thought, Issue 14.

Gareth Williams – The Problems of David Gauthier’s Attempt to Derive Morality From Rationality (pdf)
Libertarian Alliance, Philosophical Notes, 51, 1998.

Jan Narveson – Gauthier and Libertarianism
Paper delivered at the Conference on Value Inquiry, April, 1999

Review of ‘Practical Rationality and Preference: Essays for David Gauthier’
Alan H. Goldman, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 01-12-2002.